How to Configure Canon TS3322 Wireless Setup?

Canon is a top brand name for printer and camera manufacturing. You can get a good printer range in Canon with different specifications. New Canon printers have wireless setup compatibility. The user can connect to the printer without any cable. This makes it compatible with many devices like PC, smartphones, tabs, iPhones etc. You can connect the printer wirelessly using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. For Canon printer sharing, you can add the printer to the home network. Now you can find the printer from various devices on the network. 

Check several things to connect Canon TS3322 to wifi

  1. Canon printer must have wireless accessibility
  2. Wi-Fi function is working on both device
  3. Your home network is secured
  4. Canon printer is password protected
  5. You have a Canon printer driver
  6. The connection must be stable

How to connect Canon TS3322 printer to wifi?

For printer Wi-Fi connection, you can choose standard or WPS methods. If the router has WPS and the printer also supports it then the Canon TS3322 is very simple.

  1. Go to Canon printer and check power lamp
  2. Press the Wi-Fi button
  3. The Wi-Fi lamp will start blinking
  4. Go to the router and enable WPS pin
  5. Your printer’s Wi-Fi will start searching the network
  6. Check printer screen; select the network name
  7. Provide the password correctly 
  8. Canon printer Wi-Fi lamp will become steady

The Canon printer is connected to Wi-Fi now. But when the network is not password secured; check for configuration printout. Take a printout and check SSID and printer status. If details are correct; you can add your Canon on other devices and take the printouts. 

Get the Canon driver on the devices

When you configure the printer, you can add it from gadgets on the same networks. You may find the Canon printer but can’t use it. Check the CD you received with Canon TS3322. Copy and run setup on your computer. For devices without disc drives, get the software from the Canon website. The software for different printer models is not the same. Check for the Canon TS3322 printer driver and download it. After installing, add the Canon printer and take your printouts. 

Canon TS3322 connect to wifi with the standard method

When you are unable to use WPS, try to connect the Canon printer using the standard method. For this, you need the setup file. Use a CD or get a TS3322 setup from the web. 

  1. Run your setup file and tap on Start
  2. You will get a network wizard
  3. Click on the Yes button
  4. EULA page will appear
  5. Choose Confirm and hit on Yes button
  6. Click Next on the Information Request page
  7. Hit on the Agree button 
  8. You will get the connection method page
  9. Select wireless and hit on Next button
  10. You will see the available SSID
  11. Select the SSID of your network
  12. The setup will take a few seconds to check the network and information
  13. SSID details will appear on the screen
  14. Now go to Canon printer and enable Wi-Fi
  15. Your computer will start searching the printer
  16. Choose the printer and take your printouts

Adding Canon printer to the PC

After you configure the printer, take a test printout. Go to a device that is connected to the same router. Ensure you have installed the Canon TS3322 driver on the device.

  1. Open the computer and go to the Printers tab
  2. Click on Add Printer option
  3. Your PC will search the available printers
  4. Choose your TS3322 Canon printer from the list 
  5. The extended Survey Program wizard will appear
  6. Tap on the Agree button

 On a Canon device, check the cartridges and load pages on the tray. Now open the document and send a print job. Check the Canon printer for your printout. 

How to connect Canon TS3322 printer to iPhone?

You can use a Canon printer on an iPhone using bridge software. It is the driver which connects the printer to the iPhone. 

  1. Open App Store on your iPhone
  2. Search for Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY
  3. Install the setup 
  4. Open the Wi-Fi settings
  5. Tap on SSID and check for the printer name
  6. Choose TS3322 and enter the printer’s password

After connection, open the document and click on three dots. Choose the print option and click on Canon. Your printer will start printing the document. 

How to fix Canon TS3322 setup error?

The user often faces errors on network printing. The printer works on a wire connection but shows issues on the wireless network. Check for possible reasons behind the Canon network setup error.

Check the firewall

Your firewall often interrupts the printer connection. People use a firewall to create an extra protection layer on the printer. Whenever any device tries to access it; the firewall immediately checks it. Sometimes, the firewall suspects the printer network as malicious and blocks the network. For using the printer, disable the firewall. Disable the inbuilt or personal firewall and try reconnecting the printer. Now the user accesses the Canon device for printing.

Check for IP address

A connection error can appear when the IP address for the Canon TS3322 printer is not correct. Go to Setup and tap on Device settings. Click on LAN settings and go to the WLAN setting list. Now check the printer’s IP address. Enter the correct IP address and your printer will connect to the network. 

Inspect for correct printer driver

You need driver software for using the Canon printer. Without this software Canon TS3322 wont connect to wifi. Many times, users install the wrong driver for the printer. You can’t use one Canon driver on all models; get compatible software. After installing, try to reconfigure the Canon device. Your Canon software shows errors when it is outdated. Install its latest update on the computer. Driver files often get corrupted due to any changes on the drive. You can use any compatible driver fix utility tool. Reinstalling the driver can also fix the error. Remove the corrupted Canon TS3322 driver from the computer and get a new one from the web. The printer will start working when the software is correct. 

Reset the Canon printer

Wrong connection settings can get the printer into error. Go to Settings and check the connection. Set the connection correctly. If you don’t remember the correct configuration settings; reset the printer. Use factory reset and start configuring the Canon printer. 

Check for technical help

Canon printer technical team provides 24/7 support to you. When you can’t troubleshoot printer errors manually; use a phone number or online chat option. The team provides the best support for Canon printers. 

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