How to Reset Canon Printer to Factory Settings Manually?

Canon printers are well-known for their printing speed and quality. Home users often prefer Canon printers due to their wide range and size. Canon printers are very easy to access as their interface is very simple. But still few people face some issues from time to time. Most of the Canon printer errors can get fixed by resetting it. When you get into an unknown error then reset Canon Printer to troubleshoot it immediately. 

How to reset Canon Printer?

You will get a button in the menu of the Canon printer for Factory reset. If you use this option then your Canon printer will return to the factory stipulations. Now you again have to make all the connections. You have to connect your printer to the PC and then make all the settings.

Ink Cartridge resets

You may require to reset the ink cartridge while installing a new ink cartridge on your device. You must check the ink level of the previous ink cartridge before purchasing the new cartridge. Sometimes the ink level meter may show you false data. If you haven’t used the printer for a long time then the ink of the cartridge gets dried up. Instead of purchasing a new cartridge, use some solvent. Take out the cartridge and open the lid of the tank. Insert a few drops of solvent in the tank and mix it well. Now close the lid and reinstall the cartridge inside the printer carefully. But if the ink level is low then purchase a new cartridge or refill the ink.

If you want to get good quality print then always get an original cartridge for your printer. Third-party cartridges may not fit properly inside the printer and also ruin the print quality. Sometimes third-party cartridges also damage other parts of the printer. If you want to save money then you can also refill ink in your cartridge. But many people get into reset issues with refilled ink cartridges. If you get into any error then use the Canon Printer Reset Tool for troubleshooting your error. You can follow the given steps resetting the Canon printer to factory settings:

  1. Turn on your printer
  2. Now go to the menu
  3. You may get some on-screen commands
  4. Follow the on-screen wizards
  5. Now click on Device settings
  6. Hit the OK button
  7. Select Reset settings option
  8. Press the OK button

Now connect your printer to the PC and check whether your printer gets reset completely or time. Some users get issues while resetting the printer with this method. If you are unable to troubleshoot Canon printer reset error then you should ask the Canon printer technical team for help.

How do I reset my Canon Printer?

If you are unable to reset your printer by following the previous method then use the given steps for resetting your Canon printer:

  1. Turn off your Canon printer
  2. Press the power button along with the Stop button
  3. Wait for about 10 seconds
  4. Now release the Stop button
  5. Again hold the power button and press the Stop button of Canon printer twice
  6. Wait for about 30 seconds until you see “O” on your screen
  7. Press the power button four times
  8. Now press the power button twice

Again tap the power button and turn off your Canon printer. Now your Canon printer will get reset. Now you have to reset the ink cartridge. Press the power button of your printer and pull out the USB cables. Now open the ink cartridge door of your Canon printer while pressing the power button. Now connect the power cable of your printer and hit the power button. Check whether your printer gets reset or not.

Sometimes you can get resetting errors due to outdated printer drivers. If your printer is running or an outdated printer driver then you may get into various errors. Check the printer driver and update the driver immediately. You can either download the printer driver from the Canon website or you can use the driver update tool. Download and install a secure driver tool from the internet and run the tool on your device. The tool will update all the outdated device drivers on your PC. After updating the drivers, try to reset the printer. If you are still getting errors while resetting the printer then you should ask the Canon technical team for help.

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