Canon: How to Troubleshoot Printer is in Error State Issue?

Canon is a famous Japanese company globally known for manufacturing advanced optical and imaging devices. Canon company is best known for manufacturing Cameras. Canon manufactures Cameras, camcorders, printers, medical imaging devices etc. Canon printers provide robust services to its users. But still many people face various errors with Canon from time to time.

The printer in error state is a very common issue faced by many Canon printer users. You can get this error any time. Many people get this error when you give a print command and instead of printing, Canon shows Printer in an error state message on the screen. You can also get this error when your printer is running slowly. You should troubleshoot your error before you face any big issue with the Canon printer. Try troubleshooting this error manually, you can also ask Canon printer technical team for help.

How do I get my printer out of error state?

When you see Canon printer error then you should immediately check for the cause. You can get into printer error due to various reasons. Many people get this error when the printer drivers were not installed properly. Sometimes people install incompatible printer drivers and then while giving a print command, you will get this error on your screen. In wireless printers, this error appears due to connectivity issues. Many people get into Canon Printer error due to BIOSS issues. For wired printers, people get this error when the USB cables are not connected properly.

Check the connection

If you are using a wireless printer then you should immediately check the Wi-Fi connection. For Bluetooth printing, make sure the Bluetooth of both the devices is working properly. Try to connect another device via Bluetooth to ensure. For network printing, place your router, PC and Canon printer nearby. Now try to take a printout.

If your printer is connected with a USB cable then make sure you are not using a faulty USB cable. Pull out the USB cable from your printer and connect it with another device. If you are not able to use any device that means your USB cable is faulty. Use a high-speed USB for taking printout with your Canon printer.

Restart your Printer and PC

You may get this issue due to some runtime error. Runtime errors mostly get resolved by restarting the device. Turn off your Canon printer and PC. Wait for about one minute and then restart both devices. Now check whether your error gets fixed or not.

Check the paper jam

If you are using an old model of Canon printer then you can get this error due to paper jam. Paper jam is the common error which is faced by almost every person. But it is a very simple issue which you can easily solve manually. When you get the Canon printer error state message then you should immediately check for the paper jam. Open the backflip of the printer and check if any chuck of paper is stuck inside the printer. Take out the ink cartridge and clean the printer carefully. Now install the cartridge inside the printer and give the print command. If you are facing the same error then you seek other solutions.

Change the printing mode

If your Canon printer is printing in error state then you should go to the settings and make some changes. Whenever you get this error due to slow printing then you should change the printing mode. If the mode is set to high quality then change it to normal or low/draft mode. Using draft mode will increase the speed of your printer. But you can only use the draft mode for taking simple printouts like pdf or Word files. The ink usage is also very low in draft mode. After changing the settings, check whether your printing error is fixed or not.

Reinstall the Printer driver

If you have installed a corrupted printer driver then immediately install a printer driver which is compatible with your Canon printer. If your driver gets outdated then you should update the printer driver to the latest version. If you are unable to fix the Canon printer error manually then you should ask the Canon printer technical team for help.

Run the printer troubleshooter

When you can’t find any error on your Canon printer then you should check for the PC issues. Sometimes, the printer can get into an error state when the PC is not ready for the printer device. For the Windows computer, you can run the printer troubleshooter for fixing the error. Go to the Update & Security page on your device and search for the printer troubleshooter. Run the troubleshooter on your device and it will check for printer related issues. This tool will search for the error and fix them automatically. After completing the process, go to the result page. If the error gets fixed then check your printer status. In case the troubleshooter can’t fix the error; click on the report and check for the reason behind the printer error.

Remove all the pending jobs from your Canon printer

Your Canon printer can get into an error state when your print job gets stuck or you have lots of pending jobs. Sometimes the print job is stuck while taking the printout and results in the printer in an error state. Your Canon printer won’t work until you remove the job from the queue. But when you are getting the error while giving the print command then check for the pending jobs. This error occurs when the user gives lots of pending jobs and the printer memory gets filled. When the memory of the Canon printer gets overflow then it can’t take the new command. For taking your printer out of the error state; remove the pending jobs from your printer:

  1. Click on the Windows notification area
  2. Right-click on your printer icon
  3. Choose your Canon printer
  4. Select Document
  5. Hit on the Cancel button

Tap on the Yes button and your current print job will get removed. If you want to remove all the pending jobs from your device then select the Cancel all button. A printer confirmation window will be displayed on your desktop.Hit the confirm button and the pending jobs on the printer will be removed. Now give a new command to the Canon printer and then check for the error.

Check for the ink

The printer will get into an error state when the cartridge is empty. If your Canon device is showing the error then check the ink level on your cartridge. If there is no ink then you have to refill the cartridge. Uninstall the ink cartridge from the Canon printer and refill the ink on it carefully. After filling the tanks, close the lid tightly and then shake it. Now install the cartridge on the printer and give a print command. Sometimes the error appears when the ink dries inside the drum. You have to add solvent to the ink drum and shake it. Now give a print command to the Canon and check for the issues.

Check your cartridge

The Canon device can get into an error state when the cartridge is not installed on the printer correctly. Uninstall the cartridge from Canon and check the contact pins. If you see any tapes or clips on your cartridge then remove them. Now reinsert the cartridge inside the Canon correctly. Give a command and check for your Canon printer error. If the contact pin of your cartridge seems broken or the cartridge is damaged then purchase a new cartridge for your device. Never purchase a third-party cartridge for the printer as it not only ruins the print-quality but can also damage the printer.

Clean the printhead of Canon

The printhead of your Canon gets clogged if not cleaned regularly. Use a clean cloth for removing all the clogged ink from the Canon printhead. Take a few drops of cleaning liquid and remove the ink. Wait for drying the printhead and then try to take the printout. If you can’t remove the ink manually then you can use the Canon utility tool for cleaning it:

  1. Go to your printer properties tab
  2. Select the Maintenance tab
  3. Click on the Deep Cleaning option

Now you have to close the ink group and then hit the Execute button. The printer confirmation window will appear; click on the OK button and the Canon printhead will start cleaning. Now wait for the process and then restart the printer.

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