How to Resolve Canon Printer Printing Blank Pages Issue?

Canon Inc. is one of the largest and popular companies for manufacturing printing and imaging gadgets. Canon Inc. is best known for its cameras. But along with cameras, Canon also manufactures printers, camcorders, photocopiers, and medical imaging devices. For printers, Canon offers a wide range of printers to home users as well as for the businesses. Canon printers are well known for their speed and quality. But many people reported that they are getting a few issues while printing with Canon.

Why my Canon printer is printing blank pages?

There can be various reasons behind the blank printing issue. One of the major reasons is that you are running out of ink. Whenever you get faded or blank print with your Canon printer; you should immediately check the ink level on the cartridge. If the ink level is low or the cartridge is empty then you have to install a new ink cartridge on your printer.

You should always install an original Canon ink cartridge on your printer. Third-party cartridges will ruin your print quality. Some third-party cartridges can also harm your printer. Install an original Canon ink cartridge on your printer and always take good quality printouts. But for heavy users, who prints hundreds of pages per day; installing a new ink cartridge every time will be costly. When you buy a new ink cartridge; you dump the empty cartridge in open. These ink cartridges contain carbon content which is harmful to nature and your lungs. The best way for troubleshooting this error can be refilling the ink cartridges.

You can buy good quality inks for refilling the cartridges. The ink is way cheaper than the ink cartridges. It will not only save your money but will also save the environment. You must refill the ink cartridge under guidance. The carbon content in the toner is harmful to your lungs. You should carefully refill the ink on your cartridges. While installing the cartridge, make sure the lid on ink drums are closed tightly otherwise the ink may spill inside your printer. After installing the ink cartridge, give the print command and check whether your Canon printer is printing or not.

Why does my Canon Printer print blank pages?

You can get Canon printing blank pages kind of error when your ink cartridge blocks the vacuum. You can follow the given steps for troubleshooting this error:

  1. Go to My PC
  2. Click on Control Panel
  3. Go to Devices and Printers
  4. Right click and choose properties
  5. Go to device settings
  6. Check the characteristics of your Canon printer
  7. Hit the Preferences
  8. Tap the Services option
  9. Click on Clean Printhead from Preferences

You may have to use the clean printhead option several times for cleaning the printhead fully. Go to the Maintenance tab and choose the Deep Cleaning and Nozzle Check option. Once complete, now give a test print command from your printer to check whether your error gets resolved or not.

Some people also get this error due to Breather tap. You should immediately remove the breather tape otherwise it will create a vacuum in the cartridge. This vacuum prevents the ink to come out on paper that causes blank printing. Another method for troubleshooting the blank print issue is by unclogging the printer heads. This issue usually appears when your Canon printer is not used for a long time. The print head gets clogged with the dry ink. Clean the printhead carefully with a clean and dry cloth. You can also get this error when you are using an outdated printer driver on your device. Printer driver is a necessary tool for printing as it creates the connection between printer and computer for understanding the command. You must update your printer driver for troubleshooting the error. But updating the printer driver manually is not easy. If you edit a wrong file mistakenly then you may face other issues. You should use a driver update tool for updating your printer driver. Search for a compatible driver update tool for your device. Download and install the tool on your device and then follow the on-screen commands for updating the device drivers. This tool will automatically update all the device drivers available on your device. If your printer is still giving you blank printouts then you should ask the Canon technical team for help.

Change the printing mode in the Canon printer

Printing issues can appear when your Canon device is running “Low” mode. This mode uses little ink for printing. You can use this mode for taking black and white printouts as the printing speed is good in low mode. But taking colored printouts in low mode is not recommended. The printing quality is low or you may get completely blanked printouts. Go to your printing mode and change it to Normal or High. If you need a bright printout, change the mode to High and then take the printout.

Update the printer driver

Certain printing issues can appear when your Canon printer driver is outdated. Go to the connected PC and check for the driver. Right-click on your Canon driver and tap on Update. Ensure that your PC is connected to the internet. Now, wait until the update installs on the device. Restart the PC and reconnect your Canon printer. Open a document and give the print command. Now check the quality of your printout.

Reinstall all cartridges

The error can appear when you are using a refilled cartridge. Sometimes the printer can’t recognize the refilled cartridge and start showing issues. Eject all cartridges from the printer; slots’ status must be zero. Now take the refilled cartridge and install it on another slot. Make sure the slot status changes. Now eject the refilled cartridge and install all cartridges accordingly. Your printer will recognize all cartridges and will start printing.

Why is my printer printing blank pages Canon?

If Canon mx922 printing blank pages then check for printhead. You can face printing issues when the printhead is clogged. These printheads imprint the ink on the page. Due to dry ink, the printheads get clogged often. When the printhead is fully clogged, the printer can’t take the printouts. You have to clean the printheads of your device often. If your printer is showing an error, check the printhead and remove all dried ink. To clean the printhead, you can use a printhead cleaning utility tool.

Steps to clean Canon printer print head:

  1. Ensure that your Canon printer is ON
  2. Go to the printer properties dialog box
  3. Tap on the Maintenance tab
  4. Select Deep Cleaning
  5. Tap on the ink group 
  6. Hit the Execute button
  7. A confirmation message will appear on the screen
  8. Tap on the OK button 
  9. Your print head will start cleaning

After cleaning, check the print quality. If the print quality is still not good then you repeat the steps. You can also clean the printhead manually. Use a lint-free cloth and a few drops of cleanser. Now remove all the clogged ink from the printhead and now you can take your printouts.

Why is my canon printer not printing when the ink is full?

Sometimes, a Canon printer has ink but prints blank pages. This can appear when the ink inside the printer is dried up. Printers face this issue when the user hasn’t used the printer for a long time. The ink gets dry and the printhead can’t get the ink. To resolve this problem, you have to add some solvent to the cartridge. Open the cartridge and add a few drops of solvent or water. Close the cartridge and shake it well until the ink gets thinner. Now reinstall the cartridge to the printer and try to take a printout. If still the Canon printer printing blank pages then you need to get a new cartridge for your Canon printer.

Why is my Canon printer not printing anything?

If your Canon printer is not printing and showing an error then you should check for the printer services. Many times, printer services get stuck and the printer stops working. This problem mainly occurs when the user sends a new job (like scanning a document) while the printer is already busy with another task. The printer services can’t recognize another task and get into error. To fix the problem, you need to restart the printer. A simple restart can’t troubleshoot your problem. Go to the printer and try power restart. When the printer is On, remove the power cord. Now wait for about 10 seconds and reconnect it. Your Canon printer must restart automatically. Now all your printer services will start running from the beginning. Go to the connected PC and try to take a printout.

Reset your printer settings

Printing errors can appear when some printer settings are invalid. To fix those settings, you should try resetting the printer. Go to the control panel of the printer and select the Reset option. Use the navigation key and hit on the Soft Reset option. Tap on the Reset option and your printer settings will get reset. After resetting, your printer will start working correctly.

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