Why is Microsoft Word Not Responding on Windows PC?

MS Word or Word is a word processor developed by the company Microsoft. The first MS Word edition was released in October 1983. This tool was developed for Xenix systems but now you can use MS Word on almost every platform. Word is like an essential tool for every computer. This basic tool is necessary for performing various tasks. If your Microsoft Word not opening then you should fix it immediately.

Why is Microsoft Word Not Responding on Windows PC

Common causes of getting Microsoft word not responding Mac error

There can be numerous causes that can get you into Word errors. However, we have jotted down the common causes here:

  • Your program file gets damage
  • Your data file gets corrupted
  • You are using an incompatible add-on
  • You have deleted your program file mistakenly

Common solutions for fixing Microsoft Word not opening error

Try opening Word on safe mode

In safe fore, try to load your application without any kind of template or application and check whether it is running correctly or not. Here are the steps for using MS Word on safe mode:

  1. Open your Windows PC
  2. Go to search menu and select run
  3. You can also press Windows and R key simultaneously
  4. Now type winword/safe on the run bar
  5. Hit the OK button
  6. Press and hold the Ctrl key and double click on your Word shortcut
  7. Now your Word is open on the safe Mode (You can see on the top of the Window)

If your MS is running without any error in the safe mode then your Word is absolutely file and you are dealing with other errors. You can try disabling utility tools, add-ons, or repair registry entries for fixing the error. But if your Word is not working on safe mode then there is some issue on your Word.

Disable add-ons

If you are sure that your Word is fine and you are dealing with other errors then disabling add-ons can be helpful in fixing Microsoft Word won’t open on Mac error. Here are the steps for disabling add-ons:

  1. Open the file menu and navigate to Options
  2. Now click on Add-ins
  3. Click on Go Button
  4. Go to COM Add-ins dialog box
  5. Now clear all the checkboxes
  6. Hit the OK button
  7. Close the dialog box

Now again try to access your Word. If now you are able to use the Word then you are getting the error due to add-ins. Now you have to enable one add-in at a time and then open Word until you get the faulty one. Once you get the faulty add-on, repair it. Now restart your device and check whether your error gets resolved or not.

Use MS Office Application Recovery

MS Office Application Recovery is a very helpful feature as it can fix various errors in your MS Office suite. You don’t have to fix them manually; this tool will find out the error and fix it automatically. Now follow the given steps to use MS Office Application Recovery tool:

  1. Go to the start menu
  2. Click on All programs
  3. Navigate to Office Tools
  4. Click on MS Office Application Recovery
  5. You will get a list of currently running Office application; click on Word
  6. Hit the Recover Application button

This tool will recover your document and fix your error easily. If you are still getting Microsoft Word keeps crashing Mac errors then you should seek other solutions. 

Repair your Disk Permissions

Many people are unaware of the issue that you can also get into Word not responding Mac error when you have installed a corrupted Office program on your device. If your Word is corrupted then you should fix it immediately. Go to Finder and click on applications. Choose Utility and then launch your Disk Utility component. Click on the drive where you have installed your MS Office and then click on the First Aid button. Hit the confirm button and run the disk repairing tool. Now restart your device and check whether your Microsoft Word not opening Mac error gets troubleshot or not. 

Many people also get similar errors when you are working on an outdated Mac version. So, whenever you get any error on your device; make sure your device is updated. If no solution works then you should reinstall Word on your Mac.

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