Resetting Brother Printer Default Admin Password

Brother is Japanese and one of the top printer manufacturing companies around the globe. This company distributes printers for offices and home use. These devices offer both wired and wireless connection services. The user can add the printer to any device and use it reliably. For phone devices, people prefer wireless connections. You only require bridge software and then use the Brother printer easily. Along with the multi-functionality, you also get good printer security. You can use the Brother printer password to keep the device protected from an unauthorized connection. This feature is very helpful when the user has connected his printer device to the shared network. After connecting the printer to a shared network, any device on that network can add the Brother printer. By using the Brother admin password, only authorized people can access it.

What is Brother printer default password?

When you use the printer device for the first time, it will have a default Brother printer password. The user can access the printer using the default password. For the Brother printer, the default password will be initpass. You can use this password for accessing the printer. But not all Brother printer series have the same password. If initpass is not the default printer password then check the rear or bottom side of your printer. Your password will be preceded by “Pwd”. Check for the default printer password to access your device. In case you can’t find the printer password then take a printout of the network configuration. 

  1. Go to the Brother printer and tap on Settings 
  2. Go to the All Settings option
  3. Click on the Print Reports button
  4. Tap on the Network Configuration option
  5. Hit on OK button and go to Home

Now you get a Brother network configuration printout. You can check the default password on the printout.

Why is the Brother printer change default settings is necessary?

Using a default password is like using no password. Everyone knows the default password of your printer device. If you want to secure your device, always use a strong password for your Brother printer. Changing password is necessary to secure:

  1. Web-based management
  2. Remote setup
  3. Firmware update tool
  4. BRAdmin 

Always create a strong password for the printer device before adding it to the network. 

Steps to change the default password for Brother printer

You can change the password of the printer and then secure it from unwanted connections. You can change the printer’s password using the web browser.

  1. Open a web browser on the device
  2. Type the IP address of the printer on the address bar
  3. Hit the Enter button and a login pass will appear
  4. Type the default login and password 
  5. Go to Admin tab
  6. Select the change password option
  7. Go to Enter New Password and type the new password
  8. Re-type the same password on Confirm New Password block

Tap on the Submit button and now the password of the Brother printer has been changed. Whenever you connect the printer to a new device, use this password for the connection.

How to set your Brother printer on a wireless network?

After changing the Brother default password, the user can securely connect the printer device to a wireless network. Always use a secured network for the printer device. Before connecting the device, check for the network name and network key. For SSID and default network key; check the rear or base of the router. It may also be available on the documentation. After getting the SSIS and password, you can start setting the Brother printer on the wireless network.

  1. Turn on your Brother printer
  2. Go to the printer screen and select Network
  3. Click on the WLAN option and tap on Setup Wizard
  4. WLAN Enable? Message will appear on the screen
  5. Brother printer wireless setup will start
  6. Your printer will start searching the network
  7. Check the Brother printer screen for the network list
  8. Choose the SSID and hit the OK button
  9. Authentication page will appear
  10. Type the Network key and hit the OK button
  11. Your printer will try to make a connection with the network
  12. The printer will show the Connected status

Now your printer is connected to the network successfully. After this, you can easily find your Brother from all the devices on that network.

Install Brother printer driver on your system

Whenever you search for the printers on the network; your Brother printer will appear. Select the printer and it will ask for the password. Enter the Brother printer password and take the printouts. But you can only send the print job to the Brother device if your system has its driver. You need Brother software to communicate with the printer. Every Brother printer model has a different driver; check the Brother printer model and search its driver. Install that Brother software on your computer and then you can communicate with the Brother printer easily.

How to recover Brother printer admin login password?

Forgetting a password is common. The user sets the password and forgets it. He needs the password whenever he tries to connect the printer to a new device. If you can’t find the password, try to reset it. Unfortunately, you can’t recover the password of your Brother printer device. Instead, you can reset it to the default Brother password. You can reset the printer and then reconnect it to the network and systems. Here are the steps to reset the Brother printer to default factory settings:

  1. Go to printer screen and tap on Setup
  2. Click on the Reset menu
  3. Choose Reset all option
  4. On the confirmation page, select Yes 

Your Brother device will get reset to factory settings. Now you have to reconfigure the printer to the network. After configuring, search the Brother device from your system. Enter the default password and take the printouts. Again, you should change the admin password of the Brother device. You can use a password manager to save the password of your Brother printer securely.

Unable to connect Brother printer on a network

Users often get errors while connecting the printer to the network. While connecting, ensure that you are entering the correct password. In case the network is restricting the connection then check for a firewall. The firewall often blocks requests made by other devices. Disable the firewall and then reconnect the printer to the network.

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