How to Troubleshoot HP Printer Offline Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 Issue?

HP Inc. is one of the most popular companies known for manufacturing computer hardware devices. From desktop to printer, mouse, etc HP manufactures everything. The wide range of HP printers makes it compatible for both home users as well as for the business use. HP printer provides fast and quality services to the users. But still, some users reported few errors like HP Printer showing Offline while printing. There can be many reasons why Printer is showing offline issues. You can troubleshoot the error by finding the actual reason behind the error.

When a user gives a print command from the device and chooses your printer but nothing happens. When you see an error, your printer is showing HP printer Offline status. If the error occurs due to a loosen cable or network issue then you can easily troubleshoot the error manually. But if you are unable to find the exact cause behind the issue then you should ask the HP technical team for help.

How do you change a printer from offline to online?

HP provides an HP print and scan doctor tool for troubleshooting printer related errors. If you are not sure about the reason then running HP print and scan doctor can be helpful. You can follow the steps given below for installing and running HP Print and Scan Doctor:

  1. Go to HP website
  2. Search for HP Print and Scan doctor
  3. Download the setup on your device
  4. Click on HPPSdr.exe tool
  5. You may need admin mode for installing this tool on your device
  6. A permission prompt will appear on your screen
  7. Click on Allow button
  8. After installing the HP Print and Scan tool on your device; click on the Start button.
  9. Choose your HP printer from the list

If your printer is not showing on the list then restart your device. Click on the Retry button. This tool will scan for the error on your printer. Follow the on-screen commands for troubleshooting the error. You may get some prompts on your screen. Click on Yes button. Once complete, check whether your error got resolved or not. If not then ask for technical help.

Why is my hp printer showing offline?

Many people get this error when their HP printer was not set as default. Setting the HP printer as default can also troubleshoot your error. If you are getting HP offline error and your HP printer is not set as default then set it immediately. Follow the given steps for setting your HP printer as default:

  1. Close all running programs
  2. Press the Windows button
  3. Search for Printers and Scanners
  4. Make sure that Let Windows manages my default Printer option is uncheck. If the box is checked then click on the box and uncheck the option.
  5. A list of printers will appear on your screen
  6. If your HP printer is listed multiple times then check for the correct version
  7. Hit the Manage button
  8. Tap the Set as Default button

Now give the print command and check whether your HP printer is taking print command or not. If you are still facing the same error then seek other solutions.

How to make Printer Online?

Check whether your printer is using the WSD port. Close all the running programs and go to the control panel. Tap the View devices and printers option. Now right-click on the printer and choose Printer Properties. Tap the Ports tab and check whether the printer is using WSD port or not. If your printer is using WSD port then follow the steps given below:

  1. Press the Windows button
  2. Type Services on the search bar
  3. Hit the Enter button
  4. From services, search for Function Discovery Provider Host and Function Discovery Resource Publication
  5. Now check the Status and Startup columns
  6. If Status and Startup functions are running and set as automatic then go to the next step
  7. A manual startup type will appear on the screen
  8. Right-click on the file and choose Properties
  9. Now change the Startup type to automatic
  10. Hit the Start button
  11. Go to Service status and hit the OK button
  12. Now go back to Device and Printers window
  13. Press the F5 button

Check the name of your printer and check its status. If my printer shows offline then seek other solutions.

Update your printer driver

You can also get HP printer offline errors when your printer is running on outdated device drivers. Check your printer driver for the latest update, if your printer is outdated then download the latest update from HP website for your printer. You can also use the driver update tool for updating your printer driver. You can easily download and install the driver update tool on your device. Run the tool and update your driver. Now check whether your HP is showing online status or not. If you are still unable to troubleshoot the error then ask the HP technical team for help.

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