How to Resolve the Malwarebytes Program Will Not Open in Windows 10 Error?

Malwarebytes or Malwarebytes anti-virus is security software for Windows and Mac. Now you can also use Malwarebytes antivirus on your Android or iOS device. This antivirus has every tool which is necessary for preventing malware threats. Malwarebytes also has a freeware which has few basic tools. If you are not an internet user and do not use your device for advanced tasks then you can use the free version of Malwarebytes. If you use your computer device for accessing the internet or for performing crucial tasks then you must go for the paid versions of Malwarebytes. Malwarebytes antivirus scans and removes all the malware that can harm your PC. But if Malwarebytes not working Windows 10 then you should fix it immediately. Any error on the antivirus program can lead to a bigger loss. So, whenever you find any kind of error with your antivirus then fix it immediately.

Check why Malwarebytes don’t open Windows 8 and then find the appropriate solutions. Errors can appear due to registry files or program files errors. Fix Malwarebytes Windows 10 and keep your computer fully secure.

Top solutions to repair Malwarebytes Windows hanging errors:

Repair your registry files

Registry files are crucial for every program. If any error or corruption occurs on registry files then you may get into various runtime errors. So, if your Malwarebytes not opening Windows 10 then repairing registry files can be helpful. But if you don’t know the steps for repairing the registry files then you should not make any changes to the files. If you want to edit the files manually then you should create a backup key of Malwarebytes. You can get the backup key from the registry editor. Here are the steps for creating a Malwarebytes backup key.

  1. Go to the search bar and type command on the search bar
  2. Press the enter button Permission dialog box will appear on the screen
  3. Now hit the yes button
  4. You will get the command prompt on the screen
  5. Type regedit on the command prompt and press the enter button
  6. A list of files will appear on the screen
  7. Click on Malwarebytes related key
  8. Go to the export button
  9. Tap the Save in button and save the file name with .reg file
  10. Click on the Save button

Once you get the Malwarebytes backup key; proceed to registry editing. You should ask for technical support for editing registry files or fixing Malwarebytes will not open Windows 10 error.

Remove all the junk files by using a cleanup tool

Junk files can also be a potential reason for Malwarebytes unable to connect to a server error because history files and cookies can create conflict with other programs. Try removing all the junk from your PC for fixing the error. Junk removal will not only fix the error but also increase the free disk space. It also helps in increasing device performance. If you don’t know which files to remove from the PC then you should use the Windows Disk Cleanup tool. Go to the web browser and remove history files, cookies, and caches. Now follow the steps given below for removing other junk files from your PC:

  1. Open the Windows PC and go to start menu
  2. Type command on your search bar and press the enter button
  3. Click on yes button on the permission dialog box
  4. Type cleanmgr on command prompt for running cleanup tool
  5. Press the yes button

Windows disk cleanup tool will start calculating the occupied space. Wait for some time and then a list of installed programs and files will appear on the screen. Go through with all the files and then check the boxes you want to remove. Wait for completing the process and then restart your computer. Now your device is fully junk-free. Click on the Malwarebytes icon from the desktop. Check whether Malwarebytes not opening on Windows 10 error gets troubleshot or not.

Update the PC driver

PC drivers are crucial for working on your device. But any small error can corrupt the drivers. If your PC drivers are not working correctly then you should fix them immediately. But the problem is you finding the correct PC driver. There are numerous PC drivers for different devices. You must edit the correct driver because if you edit the driver wrongly then you may have to face other issues. Once you get the driver then installing and editing them manually is also not an easy task. So, you should go for driver update tools or you can also ask for technical help.

Restore the system

Sometimes you can also get Malwarebytes not working with Win 10 error when any kind of changes on the PC creates conflict with the antivirus. So, if you have installed any program or changes the settings recently then restoring the PC can help in fixing the error. You can manually restore the program you have installed recently and reset the changes. You can also use the Windows System Restore tool for reverting the changes on PC. Follow the steps mentioned below for using System Restore tool:

  1. Open the Windows PC and then click on Start menu
  2. Now type System Restore on the search bar
  3. Hit the Enter button
  4. System Restore tool will appear on the screen
  5. You will require admin credentials for making any changes
  6. Enter your admin password and press the confirm button
  7. Some wizards will appear on the screen
  8. Follow all the wizards appear on your screen
  9. Choose the restore point

Now restart your computer. Click on the Malwarebytes icon and check whether Malwarebytes not functioning error gets removed or not.

Reinstall your Malwarebytes program

If you are seeking the error due to an issue on Malwarebytes program files then reinstalling the antivirus will fix Malwarebytes Windows 10 errors. So, uninstall the existing antivirus from your Windows PC and provide a fresh Malwarebytes installation. Restart your system and then try to scan the computer with Malwarebytes.

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