How to Resolve Microsoft Error Code 1603 in Windows?

Microsoft Office is a must-have software for every Windows device. MS Office has numerous tools that are used for performing various basic tasks. Once you install Office on your PC then you can easily use every tool of this package. But many people face Office 2016 install error 1603. If you are unable to install the Office suite properly then you can’t use its tools. So whenever you get any installation error on Microsoft Office then troubleshoot it immediately.

Causes of Office 2013 error code 1603 0x643

  • Your Windows installer is trying to install the application that is already available on your computer.
  • You are trying to access the substitute drive for installing the Windows Installer package
  • You are not using the admin account of your system and do not have full permission on the folder you want to install. You are facing the error because you require a system account for installing MS Office on your computer.
  • The files you want to install are saved in encrypted form.

Whenever you are trying to install MS Office on your computer and you are getting Office 2013 install error 1603 then you should try to fix the error instantly.

Methods to troubleshoot Microsoft Office 2013 installation problem

Close all the programs running in the background

There are chances that your background running programs are creating conflict while installing MS Office. So close all the background software before you start the installation process of MS Office. Here are the steps for closing Background apps:

  1. Press the Windows and X key simultaneously
  2. A list will appear on the screen
  3. Click on the task manager
  4. Now click on processes tab
  5. Choose all the software listed under applications
  6. Hit the End Task button

Close all the third-party programs from the processes tab and then try to install Office in your device. If you are still getting error code 1603 error then you should seek other solutions.

Increase hard drive space

Low hard disk space can also be a problem while installing. Every program needs some free disk space for installing and working properly. If your device is running on low space then you can’t install any program. So, you should add disk space on your computer. You can also increase the space by removing unnecessary files and programs from the computer. You can remove movies and series from your hard disk and then try to install Office. You can also remove all the junk and unnecessary files from your computer by following the steps given below:

  1. Go to search bar and type command
  2. Hit the Yes button
  3. Now a permission dialog box will appear on the screen
  4. Hit the yes button
  5. Type cleanmgr and hit the enter button

The disk cleanup tool will start running and check all the files and programs you can delete. Make sure you are removing temporary files from your computer. Now check all the boxes you want to delete. Press the OK button. Wait for completing the process. Now restart your computer and try to install Office.

Check whether you have already installed the software

You can also get the return code 1603 if you are trying to install the software that is already installed on your computer. So, you should remove the earlier version of the software from your computer. Here are the steps for removing software from the Windows device:

  1. Press Windows and R keys simultaneously
  2. Run box will appear on the screen
  3. Type appwiz.cpl and hit the run button
  4. Go to programs and features page from the control panel
  5. Click on the program you want to uninstall
  6. Now a confirmation page will appear on the screen
  7. Click on Yes button

Once you remove the prior version of Office; install the new version of Office on your computer.

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