How to Cancel Norton Subscription and Get a Refund?

Norton antivirus is known as people’s antivirus as it is the most preferable security program around the globe. Norton upgrades its plans according to the requirement. As the threats are becoming more and more dangerous, Norton antivirus is adding new features and tools which ensure that your device is protected from all new threats. Once you install Norton antivirus on your computer; you can exchange data, do online transactions, surf the internet, and perform all other tasks safely. Norton antivirus provides regular updates so your device can deal with all kinds of threats. Norton also ensures that your device is always protected by providing an auto-renewal subscription.

How to cancel your Norton multi-license subscription?

Norton antivirus provides a multi-license plan to the user. In this plan, you can install the Norton setup on your various devices (up to 10). A single plan will work on all devices. Some Norton plans are platform-dependent where you can install the setup on only Windows devices. But the platform-independent plan of Norton allows the user to install the setup on every platform. Users can install the setup on Windows, Mac as well on phones. You create a primary Norton account on one device and then easily share the setup on other devices. After installing the setup on other devices, you can also the systems’ health score on your primary device. You can cancel the Norton subscription on one device and the renewal payment will change accordingly. In case you cancel the whole subscription then you can use the Norton subscription on all the devices till the expiry date.

Canceling Norton subscription on one device

Open the browser and visit the Norton website click on the My Account

  1. Enter your Norton credentials
  2. Tap the Login button
  3. Your Norton profile will appear on the desktop
  4. Go to the My Account tab
  5. Now click on the subscription window
  6. You will see the list of devices
  7. Click on the device (you want to cancel your subscription)
  8. Tap the Cancel button

On the confirmation window; hit the confirm button. Now close the tab and now you can use the Norton on that plan until the current subscription expires. After expiry, the Norton plan on that device will not be renewed and the renewal bill appears accordingly.

Canceling Norton subscription on all devices

You can cancel the subscription on all devices from your Norton account. You don’t need to cancel the Norton subscription on the device one by one. The user can directly cancel the subscription from the account or the primary device. Follow the steps to cancel Norton subscription from all devices:

  1. Open the Norton website on your browser
  2. Click on My Account
  3. Type the Norton email address
  4. Enter your password
  5. Login to your account
  6. On your profile, click on the subscription
  7. Click on the Norton auto-renewal tab
  8. Hit the Cancel button
  9. Norton subscription cancellation window will be displayed
  10. Tap the Confirm button

Your whole Norton bundle subscription will get canceled. Now the user can use Norton premium tools until the subscription expires. After the expiry, your plan will not get auto-renewed.

Renewing the Norton plan manually

After the Norton expiry; the tools will stop working on your device. In case you want to use the Norton plan after the expiry (ever after months); you can easily renew the Norton antivirus subscription manually:

  1. Open the Norton antivirus dashboard
  2. Click on Reactivate
  3. Norton web page will be displayed
  4. On the Norton renewal page; click on the plan
  5. The shopping cart page will be displayed

Type your billing details and tap the Next button. After the payment; your Norton antivirus will get renewed and you can use it on your device reliably.

In case you want to install Norton antivirus on another device then you have to click on the Send Link button. But make sure your new device is compatible with the plan. You can’t use your Windows plan on a Mac device (except for multi-license plans). If your device is compatible with the Norton plan then enter the email address and click on the send link button. Now open the email account on the device you want to install Norton. Click the link to run and follow all the given onscreen commands for completing the installation process.

Why won’t Norton scan my computer?

Not scanning is a common error on Norton antivirus that can occur due to various reasons. So, you have to check every aspect that can cause you the error. You can get the error due to registry file errors, program file corruption, or any issues on your Windows files. You can also get the error due to the excessive junk files on the computer. Norton scan not responding error can also occur when you are using an outdated program. Sometimes another program can also conflict with your Norton antivirus and can cause the issues.

Scan your computer for the errors

If your Norton cannot scan then you can use the Windows scanner tool that scans and restores all the errors of the PC. Follow the steps given below for using the Windows scanner tool:

  1. Open the Windows device and type the command on the search menu bar
  2. Hit the enter button
  3. Click yes on the permission box
  4. You will get a command prompt box on the screen
  5. Type sfc/scannow on the command prompt box and then press the enter button

Your Windows scanning tool will start running on your computer. The tool will check all the files and if it finds any corrupted file then it will fix the file immediately. After completing the scanning process; you will get a report on your screen. Now restart your computer and open Norton’s dashboard to check whether your Norton is working or not.

Update your PC drivers

Sometimes your PC drivers can also lead to various errors. Norton antivirus scan not working is one of the common errors which is faced by many users due to PC drivers. Check your PC drivers for fixing the error. But finding the faulty driver is very difficult. You can’t tell easily which driver is causing the issue. Even when you get the correct driver, fixing it manually is not an easy task. If you are not sure which driver to edit then you should probably ask for technical support.

Clean out the junk files

Junk files not only occupy your disk space but can also create conflict with other programs. So you should always remove junk from your PC regularly. Junk can cause errors while running a program or while installing new software. If your Norton Total Protection won’t open then you can use the Windows cleanup tool. You can follow the given steps for removing the junk from the PC:

  1. Go to your Windows PC and type the command on the search bar
  2. Press the enter button
  3. You will get your command prompt
  4. Type cleanmgr and press enter button

The disk cleanup tool will appear on the screen. Hit the run button and the tool will start calculating the junk on your PC. Disk Cleanup tool will take some time and then you will get a list of items on your screen. Click all the junk files, and unnecessary programs to remove. Make sure you are checking the temporary file box and then clicking on the remove button. Once you remove all the junk files from the PC; restart it and open the Norton dashboard to check whether the Norton antivirus not scanning error got fixed or not.

You can also edit and fix your registry files. But touch your registry editor only when you know how to fix it. Any small mistake on a registry file can get you into bigger problems. If you don’t know the exact solution then you can try reinstalling Norton antivirus. Install an updated Norton plan on your Windows PC and check whether now your scan is working or not.

Undo the changes on your device

Your Norton antivirus can also show the scanning error when the user has made a few changes to the system which are interrupting the functions. Some people face Norton-related errors after making a few changes to the device. The changes you made to the system are interrupting your processes. If you want to fix the Norton error then you have to undo the changes on the system. Open your system and undo the changes to older times. But sometimes users forget some changes he has made to the system. Reverting those changes manually is a bit difficult. For the Windows device, you can use the restore tool. Go to the Windows restore tool and run it on your device. Enter the restoring point and then the changes will revert to the older times. After undoing the changes on your computer; restart it. Click on your Norton icon and try to run the scan.

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