How to Cancel McAfee Auto Renewal and Ask for a Refund?

McAfee antivirus is always one of the most recommended antivirus programs because it provides every tool that is necessary to fight against malware threats and protects the network from hackers and other types of internet threats. McAfee is best known for its secure browsing feature. McAfee ensures that you are not accessing any URL that seems malicious. This security software program is like a guard for your network. The regular updates of McAfee antivirus add the protection to keep your device safe. McAfee antivirus has a minimum 1-year subscription plan where it protects full protection for your PC. If you want to expand the protection then you have to renew your McAfee plan. The good thing is that many McAfee antivirus plans have an auto-renewal feature that means your McAfee antivirus will automatically get renewed a month before expiry and payment will be made from your credit card. But if you want your McAfee plan to get renewed automatically then you can cancel McAfee auto-renewal feature easily. But then you have to renew your plan manually.

How to cancel McAfee automatic renewal?

McAfee always recommends to keep your auto-renewal mode on so your device doesn’t have to work without protection. But if you want to cancel McAfee subscription then follow the steps given below:

  1. Open the PC and search for McAfee antivirus
  2. Go to McAfee homepage
  3. Click on My Account
  4. Hit the Sign In button and type your email address
  5. Type your Password
  6. Click to log-in button
  7. Now navigate to My Account
  8. Click on Auto-renewal settings
  9. Check for uninterrupted protection

Review whether your auto-renewal plan has been turned on. If you are using multiple McAfee antivirus subscription plans then you check the subscription status for every product and then toggle McAfee product from On to Off. Now again review all the plans to make sure that your auto-renewal mode is turned off. Once you turn off the plan then your plan will not get renewed automatically. Instead, McAfee will start sending you expiry warning messages and pop-ups a month before McAfee expiration date. You can also upgrade your McAfee plan. If you want to upgrade the plan then search for McAfee antivirus and go to McAfee page. Now click on My Account and enter your McAfee credentials. Log in to the McAfee account. Now you will get a list of McAfee plans. Click on the plan you want to install. You will be redirected to the McAfee billing page. Now you have to enter your details and your payment details. Click on the buy now button. The payment process will take some time and make sure you are making payment under a secure internet connection. After the payment process, you will get a confirmation page on the screen. Now go to your email account (you have provided while purchasing McAfee antivirus) and open the email you have received from McAfee. You will receive a receipt, URL, and McAfee key. Click on the given URL and McAfee will start installing in your device. The setup will remove the existing McAfee plan from the device and then start the installation process.

If you want to renew your existing plan then open your McAfee dashboard and navigate to My Info. You will get your subscription date, expiration date, and a renew button. Click on the renew button and you will be redirected to McAfee page. Now you have to fill in your billing details and click on the renew button. Your plan will get renewed. Now again open McAfee dashboard and check whether your McAfee plan gets renewed or not. Many people wait until the plan gets expired as they think their remaining days will get lapsed. But don’t worry if you are renewing your McAfee antivirus product 50 days before expiry then the remaining 50 days will be added on your new subscription plan.

Cancelling McAfee Auto-renewal from the dashboard

When you cancel the auto-renewal service; McAfee will start showing you the subscription expiry date. You can use the McAfee plan to date and then you can only access the free McAfee tools. You can also cancel the McAfee auto-renewal feature from the dashboard.

  1. Open your McAfee dashboard
  2. Click on the My Info page
  3. Click on Subscription
  4. McAfee account page will appear
  5. Enter your McAfee credentials
  6. Open My Account page
  7. Tap on auto-renewal settings
  8. The auto-renewal window will appear (uninterrupted protection)
  9. Switch off the auto-renewal button
  10. A auto-renewal pop-up will appear
  11. Click on the Turn Off button

Now the Auto-renewal mode of McAfee will cancel and you will get the mail on your registered email address. After cancelling the subscription; check the remaining days of the McAfee subscription. Use the premium tools of McAfee antivirus until you have the subscription and then change or upgrade your antivirus.

After the McAfee subscription expiry, your system may get into threats. When you are not using antivirus then using the internet can be dangerous. The free antivirus of McAfee can protect the system from viruses. For internet threats, you will require good protection. Without a secure browsing tool, you can’t tell which website is secure or not. You have to check HTTPS on the website for security purposes. Clicking any URL on the web may create a backdoor for the threats to enter your device. If you don’t have a security program on your device then using it for online banking and other crucial jobs can be dangerous. Hackers can easily steal your information. Keeping the device vulnerable can lead to data theft and various other concerns. When your McAfee antivirus gets expired; either upgrade the security program or renew the McAfee manually.

Renewing your McAfee antivirus manually

When you disable the auto-renewal; you will see the expiry date of your subscription. McAfee antivirus will send to the pop-ups or email about the expiry date. You can renew the McAfee antivirus before the expiry date. When you renew the antivirus before the expiry date; the remaining date will be added to your new renewal plan.

  1. Go to McAfee antivirus
  2. Go to the My Info page
  3. Tap on the Subscription and click on Renew McAfee
  4. McAfee website will open on your browser
  5. Select the Renew button
  6. Now provide billing details

After renewing the McAfee antivirus; the subscription days will be extended. You will also get the McAfee renewal confirmation message on the registered mail address. If you don’t like the tool of that McAfee plan then you can easily upgrade the setup.

Upgrading McAfee antivirus

While upgrading the plan; you should use the previous plan till the expiry date as you can’t use it after upgrading the plan. Once your McAfee antivirus gets expired then your McAfee will revert to the freeware. You can use the McAfee dashboard for upgrading the plan:

  1. Open the McAfee dashboard
  2. Click on the Upgrade button
  3. You will see the McAfee page
  4. Choose the McAfee plan you want to install
  5. Provide the payment details

Check the email address for the setup URL and click on it. McAfee will start downloading on the system. A permission window will be displayed. Click on the Allow button and the new plan of McAfee antivirus will get installed on your device. The previous setup of McAfee will get removed automatically. After installing, restart the device and now you can run a scan from your new McAfee plan.

In case, your McAfee antivirus gets auto-renewed but you don’t want to use McAfee then you can also ask for a refund. You can contact McAfee to cancel subscription plan and get a refund. But you can only ask for a refund within 30 days of renewal.

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