How Can I Find WPS Pin for HP Printer?

HP printers are famous for home users as you can get various functionality on your HP printer. From a small pocket printer to large printing devices, HP manufactures all. Now HP also offers wireless printers where you can easily print from any device without connecting via the USB cable. The network printing feature of HP printers allows you to take printout over the network. Connect your printer from the Wi-Fi and take the printer from anywhere without any hassle.

For creating the connection between your printer and router, you have to enable your WPS pin.

What is a WPS pin?

WPS means “Wi-Fi Protected Setup” which means a secured wireless network. This pin is used for connecting the HP printer to the router wirelessly for faster and easier print. You can use the WPS for wireless networks which are secured from password encrypted with WPA2 or WPA only.

How to find WPS pin on HP printer?

Follow the steps given below for finding WPS pin and connecting the printer through WPS pin:

  1. Open your HP printer and go to the Control Panel
  2. Press the Wireless button
  3. Click on Settings Button
  4. Touch the Wi-Fi Protected Setup
  5. You will get some prompts on the screen
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions
  7. Wi-Fi Protected Setup pin will appear on the screen
  8. Click on the Pin
  9. The PIN will appear on the screen
  10. Access configuration utility point will appear on the screen
  11. Enter the WPS PIN code on the given box

After completing the HP setup, you can easily install a network printer driver on your device. Go to the HP Printer folder and navigate to All Programs. Click on Printer Setup & Software. Select the Connect a New Printer option on your PC. Wait until you see the name of your printer on the screen. Click on your Printer and tap the Connect button. If you are facing any error while connecting your printer via default WPS pin then you should ask the HP technical team for troubleshooting your issue.

Connecting HP Printer Using WPS Button

  1. Go to the HP Printer Control Panel
  2. Click on Wireless button
  3. Hit the Settings
  4. Click on Wi-Fi Protected Setup
  5. Wizard will appear on the screen
  6. Follow the on-screen wizards
  7. Choose WPS Button
  8. HP Printer will ask you for pressing the WPS button for connecting to the router
  9. Now press the WPS button on your router

Press the wireless connection button on your HP Printer

Wait until the wireless connection gets established. Once the connection gets established reliably then you can easily take printouts from your printer.

How to connect to Wi-Fi from WPS Pin HP Printer?

You can follow the given steps for connecting to Wi-Fi using WPS Pin:

  1. Open your input tray
  2. Press the hold your Wi-Fi button for about 5-7 seconds
  3. Release the button when the blue light flashes
  4. Now enter the WPS Pin on your wireless router

The Wi-Fi light will glow once the printer gets connected to the network. The Wi-Fi Protected Setup is a pin of 8 digits which is encrypted with WPA and WPA2. Your WPS should be correct for establishing the connection.

After establishing the connection, try to take a print. While printing check whether your PC is showing the wireless printer or not. If yes then click on the printer to take a printout. Many people get connection errors after establishing the WPS. Check your internet connection as you can get this error due to a weak internet connection. Another issue faced by many users on wireless printers is the speed. Many people reported that printing is taking more time. Whenever you get the speed issue, you should immediately place the wireless printer near to your router. Now check whether your printing speed increased or not. You can also get the connection error for your printer when you have an outdated printer driver on your device. You should always install the latest update on your device. Go to the HP website and download and install the latest update on your device. After installing the update, give a print command to check whether your connection error gets fixed or not. If you are dealing with any HP printer error then you ask the technical team for help.

Why does the HP printer show connection error using a WPS pin?

Many HP printer users reported that they are facing errors using the HP printer on network. While connecting the printer, check whether your router has the physical WPS pin or not. If your router doesn’t have the physical WPS pin then you need to connect your HP printer to the network by using the standard connection method. But when it has a WPS pin but still showing the error then you should check for the error.

Restart your router and printer

Many times, restarting the system can resolve the printer connection error. Turn off your HP printer and disable the WPS pin. Wait for about 2 minutes and enable the WPS pin. Now turn on your HP printer and press the Wi-Fi button. The Wi-Fi lamp will start blinking and searching for the network. When the HP printer finds the network; the Wi-Fi lamp will get steady. Now try to give command to your HP printer.

Try disabling the VPN

VPN is a potent reason for getting the HP printer connection error. When your printer is showing an error while connecting to the WPS; check the VPN on your network. Users sometimes enable the VPN on their network and the printer can’t find the network. Using VPN for network protection is good but it can cause a connection error with other devices. Disable the VPN on the network and then check for the issues.

Run the printer troubleshooter

You can try using the Windows printer troubleshooter for resolving the error. If the user is getting the error while connecting the HP device to PC via network then try running the printer troubleshooter. Open your device and navigate to the Devices and Printers tab. Run the Troubleshoot button and the PC starts checking for the error. If the error in connecting the printer is appearing due to a system error then the troubleshooter will fix it. After fixing the error; connect the printer to the network and give the print command from your PC and check for the error.

Check the firewall

Along with the VPN, your firewall can also get the printer into connection error. The firewall blocks all the suspicious traffic from entering the network. But sometimes the network firewall mistakenly takes the printer as a suspicious device and restricts it from connecting to the network. If you have secured your network with a firewall then turn it off for a while and give the print command. When the printer is connected then take the printouts. If you are still getting the connection error with an HP device then enable the firewall and check for other solutions.

Check the router settings

Some users get the printer connection error after they replace the router. The connection error may appear when the router settings are not configured properly. Check the IP address as sometimes the new router may have different addresses. Set the router accordingly and then try to connect the printer.

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