How to Troubleshoot Norton Symantec Error 3048 3?

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Many Norton users reported that they are getting Norton 3048 3 error whenever they are opening their device. Norton is top antivirus software that is also known for its robustness. But runtime errors can get you anytime. 3048 3 Norton internet security can appear on your screen due to various reasons. Most of the runtime errors occur due to device incompatibility or some kind of error on software programs or program files.

How to Troubleshoot Norton Symantec Error 3048 3

Common symptoms of Error 3048 3 Norton

  • Your current running program will crash and Norton has encountered an error 3048 3 error will appear on your screen
  • You will get the same error message while opening a program
  • Norton system scan does not work
  • Your input device (mouse or keyboard) starts responding lately
  • You are getting the error message every time you open your PC
  • Error 3048 occurs whenever you install a software

Common causes of Norton error 3048 3

  • Your program files of registry files get corrupted
  • Your Norton related program files get deleted mistakenly
  • You have installed software which is conflicting with your Norton antivirus
  • Some malware programs have infected your PC
  • You are using an outdated or expired version of Norton antivirus

Methods for fixing 3048 3 Norton Internet Security error

Run Norton’s LiveUpdate tool

If you are getting the error due to any error or corruption on your Norton program files then the Norton LiveUpdate tool will easily fix it. This tool will update your Norton to the latest version for ensuring that your real-time scan is running without any error. For running LiveUpdate, open the Norton dashboard and go to the Security option. You will see the LiveUpdate option. Click on the option and wait for completing the initial scan. Now the LiveUpdate tool will run automatically and completes all the pending updates. Now restart the device and check whether Norton error is resolved or not.

Cleanout the junk files from your PC

If your device has excessive junk then you may face many issues like low disk space or program conflict. So whenever you run into any error, clean out junk files like temporary files, history files, etc from the PC. It will increase your free disk space, resolve your error as well as speed up your device. Here are the instructions for running windows cleanup tool:

  1. Open your Windows PC and type command on the start menu (below left-side)
  2. When you hit the Enter, permission box will appear
  3. Click on yes button
  4. Now type cleanmgr on the command prompt (black box)
  5. Click on Enter button

The Disk Cleanup tool of Windows will search all the files and programs that you can remove from the PC. Once complete, you will get a list of items. Now check the boxes which you want to delete. Don’t forget to check the temporary file column. Now click the OK button and wait for completing the process. Restart your Windows PC and now try to run the Norton system scan.

Revert the recent changes

Norton can give you errors if you have recently made any changes to programs or program files. Undoing the changes will help you to troubleshoot the error. You can use the Windows system restore tool to go back in time. This tool reverts all the recent changes on the PC. You can search the System restore tool from the start menu. Run the system restore tool and follow the steps in the Wizard for choosing the restoring point.

If no method is troubleshooting your Norton error 30483 then try Norton reinstallation. Uninstall Norton and remove all the files related to Norton then perform a fresh Norton installation.

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