How to Get a Norton Antivirus Cancellation Refund?

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Norton antivirus is known as people’s antivirus as it is the most preferable security program around the globe. Norton upgrades its plans according to the requirement. As the threats are becoming more and more dangerous, Norton antivirus is adding new features and tools which ensure that your device is protected from all new threats. Once you install Norton antivirus on your computer; you can exchange data, do online transactions, surf the internet, and perform all other tasks safely. Norton antivirus provides regular updates so your device can deal with all kinds of threats. Norton also ensures that your device is always protected by providing auto-renewal subscription. 

Norton auto-renewal subscription renews your Norton antivirus a month before the expiration date. All the payment will be done from your credit card automatically. But if you don’t want to auto-renew your Norton antivirus then you can cancel Norton subscription. This will disable the auto-renewal plan but then you have to renew your Norton antivirus manually.

How to cancel Norton antivirus subscription?

Make sure your Norton antivirus plan has an auto-renewal mode as there are many Norton plans that don’t have an auto-renewal mode. Check your plan and then follow the given steps to cancel Norton antivirus auto-renewal mode:

  1. Open your PC and search for Norton antivirus on the web browser
  2. Click on Norton antivirus website
  3. Norton homepage will appear on the screen
  4. Now go to My Norton on the upper right-hand side
  5. Enter your Norton email address
  6. Enter the password
  7. Hit the login button
  8. You will be redirected to your Norton profile
  9. Click on My account tab
  10. My subscription page will appear on the screen
  11. Navigate to auto-renewal tab
  12. Toggle the button to off
  13. Click on confirm button

You can only disable your auto-renewal mode when you have a few days left for auto-renewal. In case your plan is renewed then you have to ask for a refund. You can ask for a Norton refund within 60 days only.

How to cancel a Norton Subscription?

If you cancel your Norton subscription then your device will be under Norton protection until your Norton plan expires. Once your Norton antivirus subscription expires then you have to renew your plan manually. Follow the given steps to cancel Norton subscription and get refund:

  1. Open your PC and click on the Norton dashboard
  2. Go to my account
  3. My subscription tab will appear on the screen
  4. You will get an auto-renewal button along with a date
  5. Toggle the auto-renewal button to disable
  6. Click on confirm button

In case, your plan gets auto-renewed and you want a refund then you have to contact the Norton support team. Fill the refund form and then the Norton team will proceed with the refund accordingly.

If you are disabling your Norton antivirus because you are not using that device anymore or you want to transfer the subscription to another device then you don’t have to worry about it. You can easily transfer your Norton plan with your Norton account. You don’t have to cancel Norton subscription plans. You can follow the given steps for transferring your Norton subscription to another device:

  1. Open your PC and search for Norton antivirus
  2. Visit Norton antivirus website
  3. Norton homepage will appear on your desktop 
  4. Log in to your Norton account with your email address and password

Navigate to device security. Now you will get the names of the devices that have the Norton subscription. All the devices that are currently active will appear in red or green color. Follow the steps for transferring your Norton subscription:

  1. Open Norton account on the new device and click on the ellipse ion
  2. Norton’s menu bar will appear on the desktop
  3. Navigate to Manage license
  4. Now hit the Remove Norton button
  5. Tap the Next button
  6. Click on Yes button
  7. Click the Install on New Device button
  8. Tap the install now button

In case you want to install Norton antivirus on another device then you have to click on the Send Link button. But make sure your new device is compatible with the plan. You can’t use your Windows plan on a Mac device (except multi-license plan). If your device is compatible with the Norton plan then enter the email address and click on the send link button. Now open the email account on the device you want to install Norton. Click the link to run and follow all the given onscreen commands for completing the installation process.

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