How to Fix Error Code 500 Microsoft Teams?

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Microsoft Office or Office is a full package of software and services provided by Microsoft. For every Windows PC, Office is like a necessary suite that enables the user to access all the essential tools like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, etc. Indeed Office is a reliable suite but still, people face errors while working on Office. Teams error code 500 is one of the common errors people get while installing or using Office suite. Your computer can show you this kind of error due to many reasons like incomplete installation or registry files corruption.

How to Fix Error Code 500 Microsoft Teams

Common solutions for troubleshooting Microsoft Teams Error Code 500:

Clear all cache (credential cache) from your computer

Cache files are very helpful for accessing any program immediately. But cache can also create conflict with some programs. So whenever you face any kind of runtime error; clean all the cache files from your system. You can use the steps mentioned below for clearing the cache:

  1. Go to control panel; hit the User Accounts button and go to Credential Manager
  2. Now clear all the credential cache and restart the Microsoft Team client.
  3. Open system tray and right-click on Teams icon
  4. Click on the logout button and then restart.

After restarting, Your Office will ask for the credentials. Enter your Office 365 credentials and log in to your Office. Now try whether your Microsoft Team error 503 got fixed or not.

Repair your Office application

Most of the Office errors occur due to broken files. If you get into any error while working on Office then try repairing your application. Follow the given steps for repairing Office files:

  1. Open your Windows computer and click on Start menu
  2. Go to Control Panel and navigate to Programs and Features
  3. Choose Microsoft Office from the list of installed applications
  4. Now hit the change button and click on Quick repair
  5. Finally hit the Repair button

If you are unable to repair your Office files with a Quick repair tool then try using an online repair option.

Reinstall Office

Reinstalling the program will solve various errors like deleted or corrupted program files or outdated issues. You can uninstall Office from your computer and then reinstall the updated version of Office. For uninstalling Office, navigate to Control panel from the start menu. Now click on Programs and Features and select Office from the list. Finally hit the Uninstall button. After uninstalling the Office suite, make sure to remove the remaining files from your computer.

Removing Office setup manually

If your Office is showing errors with uninstalling Office from Programs and Features list then you can also remove it manually. Delete the Windows Installer package from the computer and remove the scheduled tasks from the Office. Now go to Task Manager and end all the click-to-run tasks. You should also remove the shortcuts from the Start menu and remove registry sub keys from the office.

For removing the Windows Installer package, go to C: Program Files Microsoft Office. Now right-click on the Office folder and delete it. Type cmd on the start menu and click on the command prompt. Now click on Run as administrator and remove all the scheduled tasks on Office. Open the task manager and hit the process tab. If .exe or setup*.exe files are running then right-click on the task and hit the end task button. After uninstalling and removing all the Microsoft Office files from your computer; install an updated Office suite. Sign in to Office and install the suite. Click on the run button and wait for completing the installation process. After installing Office, you can easily use Office programs.

How to Troubleshoot Outlook Set Folders Cannot be Opened Error?

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Microsoft outlook is a whole package of web-based services. Outlook webmail is considered one of the most secure mailing services. Indeed Outlook is a robust emailing service but people still face various issues while using this service. One of the most common issues reported by Outlook users is cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook. The main reason for this error is corrupted files. If the registry files get corrupted you will face cannot open the outlook window error with various other errors.

How to Troubleshoot Outlook Set Folders Cannot be Opened Error

Here are some possible ways for troubleshooting cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook Error:

Repairing Office app

Any kind of issue on your Outlook can lead to various errors. So, whenever you get into any error; repair your app immediately. Follow the steps given below for repairing Office app:

  1. Open your computer and navigate to Control panel
  2. Go to Programs and click on Programs and features
  3. Select the Office product (Outlook) to repair
  4. Hit the change button

Now click on Quick Repair and hit the Repair button. Wait for repairing the files. If the Quick Repair tool does not fix the set of folders cannot be opened outlook error then you should try the Online Repair tool.

Remove office

If you are unable to get the exact cause of this error then you should uninstall Office package and reinstall it. Reinstalling Office will ensure that there is no error on your Office package. Follow the steps for removing Office from your computer:

  1. Open your computer and go to Control Panel
  2. From Programs and Features tab, select Office Suite
  3. Click on uninstall

In case you can’t remove the Office suite from the control panel then you have to remove the Office suite manually.

Repair Outlook data

If the data file of your Outlook gets damaged then you may face improper uninstall or outlook the information store cannot be opened issues from time to time. Try repairing outlook data for troubleshooting this error:

  1. Open your Windows Explorer and click on program files
  2. Navigate to Microsoft Office
  3. Go to the search bar and exe
  4. Select SCANPST.EXE file
  5. Now double click on this file and browse for PST file location

Hit the start button to begin the scan. The repair tool will start scanning and fixing errors in the PST file. If the tool finds any error, it will show it in a tool dialog box. Click on the Repair button and wait for completing the process. Once complete, launch the Outlook app with the PST file and check whether Outlook the set of folders cannot be opened error gets fixed or not.

Disable your compatibility mode in Outlook

People also get errors while they are using Outlook with compatibility mode. Try using Outlook after disabling the compatibility mode. You can use the mentioned steps for disabling Outlook compatibility mode:

  1. Go to start menu and type exe
  2. Now right-click on Outlook.exe file
  3. Now click on compatibility from the properties tab
  4. Now clear the compatibility mode checkbox
  5. Hit the OK button
  6. Now restart your Outlook app

Check whether your compatibility mode gets disabled or not. If not then search for PST file and click on restore previous versions. If you are still getting Outlook information store could not be opened issue then you should try opening Outlook in safe mode. Go to search bar; type Outlook/safe and hit the Enter button. Now you will get a system prompt asking for your confirmation. Click on the Confirm button and use Outlook on Safe mode. If your Outlook is running without any error on the safe mode then your Outlook app does not have any error. You are dealing with some system error. Repair your device’s program or registry file and then try to access Outlook.